Enactus Thapar-Students from across India to participate

Enactus Thapar-Students from across India to participate

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People today are engrossed in a blind race to secure maximum benefits and profits for them. Due to cut-throat competition in every sphere of life, compassion, lenity, and benevolence, we seem to have transcended into mere oblivion. In such dark times, the youth of the country is considerate about the obfuscations that hinder the growth of the society. Enactus Thapar in its endeavors to work for equity in the commonality is back with its two-day mega event-Enactus Day (2.0).

Enactus Thapar-Students from across India to participate

With an array of enthralling events, the Enactus day 2.0, that is to be conducted on 8th and 9th February, promises to be bigger, better and exalted in all its spirit. The theme of the event FELICITATEM comprehensively describes the vision of Enactus Thapar. Students from around 20 reputed colleges and institutions from across India would come together to find innovative and pragmatic solutions to various problems given to them in SOCIAL BUDGETING CONVENTION. They would be required to use their skills to efficiently allocate resources to solve real-life problems prevalent in different parts of the nation.

Enactus Talk Show featuring eminent speakers is our attempt to enlighten the youth. Nitin Rai Chaudhary, a person par excellence who has left indelible footprints in different walks of life, will grace the event.Also gracing the event, a startup author, a mentor, and a researcher, Prof Umesh Rathore is an erudite entrepreneur and will be a perfect mentor for all the budding entrepreneurs.

Enactus Thapar-Students from across India to participate

Ideas are mere thoughts until shared and implemented in life. Enactus Fair in Enactus Day 2.0 is an event for showcasing different ideas, products, and solutions that may have the potential to take the global market by storm someday.

So brace yourself and be ready to witness something which is not one of its kind, but the only one of its kind. ENACTUS DAY 2.0 is here, come take a step towards creating a better world.

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