GiveItUp campaign-1.04 crore LPG consumers surrender their subsidy

GiveItUp campaign-1.04 crore LPG consumers surrender their subsidy

KS Diwan/ royalpatiala.in/ Chandigarh

As on 06.02.2019, nearly 1.04 crore LPG consumers have voluntarily surrendered their LPG subsidy under ‘GiveItUp’ campaign.

Domestic LPG prices are revised every month in line with international price of LPG with corresponding revision in monthly LPG subsidy under PAHAL scheme. Entire subsidy burden is borne by the Government. In the current month (Feb, 2019), the price of domestic non-subsidized LPG cylinder (14.2 kg) in Delhi market is Rs. 659. The effective cost to the consumer is Rs. 493.53. The per cylinder subsidy borne by government for the current month is Rs. 165.47. The year-/month-wise details of the LPG prices may be seen at PPAC website:www.ppac.gov.in

GiveItUp campaign-1.04 crore LPG consumers surrender their subsidy (Photo courtesy- Internet)

All India average LPG refill consumption for PMUY beneficiaries during FY 2017-18 is 3.4.  All India LPG average consumption during FY 2017-18 is 6.77.

This information was given by Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan in a written reply to the Lok Sabha today.

About the GiveItUp Campaign

Domestic LPG is heavily subsidized by the Government of India and every cylinder that we use in our kitchen carries a substantial subsidy. Fortunately, many able and aware citizens are not in favor of subsidies and would rather pay the full price for the products and, thereby they also make a personal contribution towards nation-building. There is a need to spread this message. Accordingly, the Government has launched the ‘#GiveItUp’ campaign which is aimed at motivating LPG users who can afford to pay the market price for LPG to voluntarily surrender their LPG subsidy.


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