European Patent granted to Dr Vikas Rana, Assistant Professor Punjabi University Patiala

European Patent granted to Dr Vikas Rana, Assistant Professor Punjabi University Patiala

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A European Patent is granted to Dr Vikas Rana and his research team on eye drop formulation which was found to be effective for the treatment of dry eye disease during preclinical investigations. Dr Vikas Rana is an Assistant Professor in the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research Punjabi University, Patiala. He has published more than 75 international research papers in a high impact factor journals, one US patent, many books and handles many projects granted by central agencies worth crores. In his research activity he has guided research to many PhD and post graduate students. This European patent is the outcome of his 12 years of research and tireless efforts for making this research under the umbrella of European Patent. In addition, this patent is the outcome of collaborative work of Punjabi university Patiala with CSIR, New Delhi.

With the spread of covid-19 pandemic most of the activities shifted to online mode. This increases computer screen time. The shifting of classes to online mode and work from home facility leads to drying of cornea upper surface called dry eyes. The patient suffering from dry eye disease feels pain in the eyes, headache, etc. The developed Eye drops are used to lubricate the upper surface of cornea which generally dried upon excessive constant exposer to radiation, excessive heat leading to dry eye disease. This European Patent granted to Dr Vikas Rana is on the development of eye drop administered prior to constant exposer to radiation or excessive heat results in prevention of corneal surface drying and so patient feels fresh. During preclinical investigations in was found that this eye drop containing novel molecule is safe, effective and nontoxic. Now, university is planning to go for its clinical trials in collaboration with government and non-government agencies.

European Patent granted to Dr Vikas Rana, Assistant Professor Punjabi University Patiala

Prof. (Dr) Arvind, Vice- Chancellor, Punjabi University, Patiala said this is very proud moment for the university and he promised to support for further research work. Dr Vikas Rana is highly thankful to Prof. (Dr) Arvind for his motivation and appreciation for getting this European Patent. This will open a new horizon of research in this field.

Commenting on this achievement, Dr. AK Tiwari, Dean Research said, “This patent is result of long research project. Now it will go into clinical trial which is very costly affair so we are looking for a collaboration with the industry. I hope some industry will come forward to support the clinical trial.” He further added that, “this research is important as many people are facing the issues related to dry eyes. There are artificial tears available in the market but this is comparatively see it as it is based on natural substances. People of all ages spend a lot of time on screens whether they are mobile phones or computers or televisions so they suffer from dry eye syndrome.”

January 3,2021

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