Farmers protest-Why is the govt seeing this as a prestige issue?-CJI

Farmers protest-Why is the govt seeing this as a prestige issue?-CJI

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Amid the ongoing impasse in the government’s negotiations with protesting farmer unions, the hearing by the Supreme Court is likely to continue tomorrow, as today’s hearing on the pleas by a bench headed by Chief Justice S A Bobde was significant as the Centre and the farmer leaders are scheduled to hold their next meeting on January 15.

Earlier today morning, Chief Justice of India SA Bobde said that “he is extremely disappointed at how the govt has handled the entire farm laws issue. The CJI also said that he is not sure what consultative processes were followed by the government before passing the laws. An entire state is up in arms, the CJI added, asking what is going on?”

Farmers protest-Why is the govt seeing this as a prestige issue?-CJI. CJI Bobde observes, “if you don’t stay the laws, we will. Why is the govt seeing this as a prestige issue? What is the problem with not implementing the law? People are committing suicide, suffering in the cold. Not sure if the govt is providing water, food to their own people.”

Farmers protest-Why is the govt seeing this as a prestige issue?-CJI-Photo courtesy-Internet

We are hearing that talks are breaking down because the govt wants point by point discussion, while farmers want to repeal. Let the farm laws be stayed, an expert committee can then mediate.”

“We want to make this clear that protests can continue, we are not stifling protests. We will ask farmers if they will vacate the site of the protest and move to other locations or to continue at the same location. The way everyone is beating drums, we have an apprehension that some incident could break the peace. If something goes wrong we will all be responsible. We don’t want blood on our hands. A stray incident may spark violence.

We are in this state of mind because govt has not been able to resolve the issue. Govt must take responsibility as it has framed laws that have caused these protests.”

Gandhiji did Satyagraha for a much bigger issue. If Gandhiji could do protest peacefully, so can the farmers for their cause. We are thinking of stay the implementation of the law, without staying the law itself. SC has the powers to stay executive action under the law.”

We have given the Govt sufficient time. We propose staying the implementation of the laws, even before the winter holidays. We need to create a conducive environment for the resolution of the issue. If we allow the govt more time, who will be responsible in case of bloodshed if this saber-rattling goes on?”

January 11,2021

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