From a Teacher’s Diary

From a Teacher’s Diary

Gurpreet Kaur

Teaching is considered as a noble profession.’ This is what I heard growing up. I had a fascination for this profession. As a child I was determined to adopt this profession once I grew up.

Every moment in life gives you a lesson. Same was in my case. Being a bright student in the class, I had achieved many laurels in various fields during my education. I gained from my mentors so much that I wanted to pay back to the young generation. Once college was over and after attaining a professional degree in education, I had resolved to go ahead with my dream.

Fate landed me to a prestigious school in the city where I got married. I was thrilled when I was selected in my first attempt. Now there was a platform in front of me and I had to paint it accordingly. Being amongst kids gave me immense satisfaction and I was back to my childhood days. I reminisced the ways by which I was taught and decided to teach my students. Gradually, after facing slight hiccups I was determined to progress. Soon I was admired by my students for my impeccable knowledge and command over my subject. I owe my success to my students and school staff for being so supportive and bringing out the teacher in me.

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Even after spending 15 years with them, it feels as if my age has stopped at the time when I had joined. Dear readers, don’t mistake my age for this reference, as I am still young being among the youth of today.

Let me tell you frankly that teaching is indeed one of the noblest professions, as it has given me the love and affection from everyone and helped me to shape my personality. I wish to go on in life by becoming the apple of my students’ eyes. I really wish them to scale the ladder of success and reach the pinnacle. I believe that even if one amongst them is able to become a useful member of the society, my aim would be fulfilled. Thanks to each one of you for contributing in my journey.

Signing off for now.

Thanks for patient reading.

October 10,2020

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