IIT Ropar celebrated Innovation and Talent at tech fest-ADVITIYA 2020

IIT Ropar celebrated Innovation and Talent at tech fest-ADVITIYA 2020

Kanwar Inder Singh/ Ropar

Advitiya 2020, IIT Ropar’s tech-fest concluded with a bang with a guest lecture by Dr. K Radhakrishnan, the former chairman of ISRO. He comprehensively spoke about the success story of ISRO and all the advancements from the recent space missions, mainly about Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan. Dr. K. Radhakrishnan’s presentation about ISRO was quite enlightening about the challenges faced by the scientists back at ISRO. The audience threw several questions related to the ongoing research and the entire lecture has been successful in sparking off an interest for the young impressionable minds to consider a career at ISRO.

IIT Ropar celebrated Innovation and Talent at tech fest-ADVITIYA 2020

IIT Ropar’s Director,c and Dr. K.  Radhakrishnan participated in an interaction session with the audience gathered for the lecture and took questions covering a wide range. The tech fest this year underwent exponential growth in all areas and saw some really good new initiatives being taken up this year.

The Techno School program conducted for the first time this year saw participation from more than 3000 school students from all over India. The IIT Ropar open olympiad was conducted as part of the program in two rounds, the first one in school centers and the final round on campus in IIT Ropar.

Another new initiative introduced this year was the Advitiya Lecture Series. It featured eminent speakers ranging from Padma Vibhushan and former director of BARC Dr. R Chidambaram, Infosys Prize Laureate Prof. Navakanta Bhat, Dean of the Mahindra Technical Academy  Shankar Venugopal, Author and Business Executive Harinder Sikka and Former Chairman of Luminous Industries  Rakesh Malhotra. This initiative gave an amazing platform to the participating students to interact with such eminent personalities and interact with them.

Another major highlight were the exhibitions put up throughout the fest by The Indian Army which included tanks and artillery guns and another one was the ISRO exhibition put up a team from  the Semiconductor-Laboratory Mohali led by their director  Surinder Singh.

The Director of IIT Ropar also appreciated the student led initiative and collaborations with other organizations. A major landmark was reached as the footfall of the fest increased by a lot this year and promises to reach even newer heights in the coming years.

February, 11,2020