IIT Ropar got talent in successful MedTech Startup Workshop

IIT Ropar got talent in successful MedTech Startup Workshop

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IIT Ropar is on the mission to make innovative medical technology available to more people, while helping healthcare systems move towards a sustainable path. The CBME MedTech Workshop, which started on 7th and ended today adjudicating 3 winning teams out of 9 teams. Every team was given a problem project team A got the problem statement on “Detecting Seizures in Epileptic Patients”.Team B got the problem “To bring Cuffless Non-Invasive BP measurement” ,Team C got the Problems statement, “ Wearable Pulse-wave Velocity Measurement Device”, Team D got ,“Evaluating Depth of Anesthesia”Team E got, “Evaluation of Pulmonary Edema”Team F got  “Phasing-Out Mercury”, Team G“A Better Crutch”, Team H ,”Improved Knee Joint for Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis (KAFO)”,Team I got , “ Hospital Appointments and Waiting Time.”

The teams were rigorously evaluated by team of doctors from PGIMER, DMC&H, Ludhiana, Parmar hospital of Ropar, Scientists from IIT Mandi and CSIR-CSIO. Three teams got cash award for the best solutions for the problems that were thrown to them. The Team that stood first worked on “Evaluating Depth of Anesthesia”, in which they have given a novel idea of evaluation of anesthesia in a reliable way (reducing the cost) with accurate readings. They proposed a solution by using Auditory Evoked Potential by measuring response to periodic auditory signal. The team consisted of three members, S. Balamurugan from IIT Madras, Jonath S from Anna University and Navneet Kumar from IIT Ropar. The Team won Rs. 30,000 Cash award.

IIT Ropar got talent in successful MedTech Startup Workshop

The team winning the second prize worked on Improved Knee Joint for Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis (KAFO), using an adjustable ratchet system. The team comprised of Harupjit Singh, Subhash Chandra Jha and Ramanpreet Singh.The Team won Rs. 20,000 as a cash prize

The third prize went to a team who worked on design of “A Better Crutch”, This team comprised of Ankur Khosla, Ratan Das and Kushagra Goyal. They won Rs. 10,000 as a cash prize.

The day also witnessed an MoU with Kalam Institute of Health Technology, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India Project to enable smooth technology transfer of innovations to the industry enabled by the e-auction platform of Kalam Institute.  Speaking on this occasion, Dr. KingshukPoddar, Assistant Director, appreciated the idea of holding this workshop at IIT Ropar and bringing synergy to bring affordable medical technology for masses.

IIT Ropar got talent in successful MedTech Startup Workshop

Dr. Ashish Sahani, Assistant Professor, CBME, IIT Ropar and convener of this event said, “Through this workshop, IIT Ropar aims at providing a platform for interaction of clinicians with engineering and technology research professionals to come up with not just innovative but clinically relevant solutions tailor-made for India. The teams have really worked hard to understand the problem definition provided by the clinicians and come up with prototypes in just three days. And we hope this would pave the way for IIT Ropar becoming one of the leaders of Medical Device innovations in the country”

Prof. S.K.Das, Director, IIT Ropar also appreciated the platform given to students for bringing the novel solutions to the existing technology hiccups. He added, “Such workshops deploy a dynamic, integrated spirit that supports rapid transformation of new ideas into solutions that change the face of global healthcare.”

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Ashish Sahani.


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