Is COVID-19 taking too much from us? Do kudh sang kuch haseen mulakate-Jasguneet

Is COVID-19 taking too much from us? Do kudh sang kuch haseen mulakate-Jasguneet

Jasguneet Kaur

Alas! What has happened to the net speed? I am sick and tired of staying at home! This time my profits from business are going to stoop down drastically. Oh God this lockdown and curfew things are taking toll on my mind. None of us are spared from these thoughts. Is COVID-19 really taking too much from us or are we willingly giving it too much? With no second thoughts the daily routine of everyone has been interrupted. Schools been shut, markets closed and offices working from home. It seems like life has come to a standstill. But will cribbing right now improve our situation? The answer lies within all of us. COVID-19 not only has the potency to affect our physical health but our mental well being too. And the effects of the latter are even worse than the former.

Why can’t in this Quarantine time we do kudh sang kuch haseen mulakate?

Jo kahi na kisi kone mein

Dabi teri vo tasveere hai

Jo tere ghar ke angan mein

Phoolo ki vo bagiiya hai

Jo khoya tera bachpan hai

Jo chhuti teri koi tamana hai

Jo dekha kabhi tune sapna tha

Baith apne angan mein

Dekh chiddiya udti neele ambar mein

Jaa dhund vo tasveere

Aur jee le vo pal dubara

Baith apne angan mein

Dekh tu phoolon ka nazara

Jo koi tamana reh gyi thi adhuri

Ja karle le use tu puri

Hass kar jee le vo din

Jo chhut gaya the is

Bheed bhaadd ki zindagi mein

Is ‘Quarantine’ time meh

Khud sung kar le kuch

Haseen ‘Mulakate’ tu.

Is COVID-19 taking too much from us? to kudh sang kuch haseen mulakate-Jasguneet

None has been spared by COVID-19. Try doing your bit of service. Try remaining positive. Limit your news content if it disturbs you. Rediscover yourself and help others do that.  Times are hard for everyone try not making it harder.

About the writer;

Jasguneet Kaur is a follower of News

She had a hidden desire to do poetry and for the first time she wrote any poem. She beautifully wrote  “kudh sang kuch haseen mulakate? “ especially  for the readers of and for every Indian .

In this lock down period she wants to covey the message with her short poem to search for his/her hidden desires, to do what he/she wants to do in their life, which they fail to do ,due to lack of time or some other reasons. Use this lockdown period in a constructive way. open invitation to all truly appreciate Jasguneet’s effort and if anybody wants to share their talent, will give you a platform and will help you in highlighting your talent