Mandeep Singh Sidhu relieved as SSP Patiala; gave parting message to his team Patiala police

Mandeep Singh Sidhu relieved as SSP Patiala; gave parting message to his team Patiala police

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Mandeep Singh Sidhu, on friday relinquishes the charge of SSP Patiala, after new incumbent Vikramjeet Duggal, join in as new SSP Patiala from Amritsar (rural).Sidhu has been transferred to vigilance department as SSP Vigilance.

While leaving the chair of SSP Patiala, Sidu appreciated his team Patiala police and gave a parting message to all ranks-fellow officers & subordinates and “felt happy that good work done by Patiala Police is well appreciated & recognized by Public”. He gave a message:-

Mandeep Singh Sidhu relieved as SSP Patiala; gave parting message to his team Patiala police-Photo courtesy-Internet

Good Evening Team Patiala

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Officers, NGOs, EPOs & PHGs for outstanding support & cooperation during my posting. Despite many Law & Order problems, Manmade Problems, Communal Sensitive Situations, Strikes, Dharnas, Protests & Covid-19 Pandemic, Team Patiala came out with Flying Colours. During every crisis team Patiala held Our Flag High & Fluttering.

I lead my force from front in all situations. Tried to ensure to best of my ability that there is no unnecessary interference in Police Working. As always i used to say that you all have blank cheque of my support if you are doing right things & ensuring Justice to aggrieved persons and if still there is any interference tell that things are in the knowledge of your SSP.

What is meaning of this ?

All Goodwill & Credits is of You & Discredits if any are mine. I acted as all Weather Shield for my Team Patiala in all Four Seasons. Frankly & Honestly speaking  Politicians are so good with me throughout that they never pressurized me to do anything which my Conscious & Law of Land says is not Right.

If Patiala Police achieved success in testing times and able to win the Hearts of Common People & Sailed Scratch less despite all odds, Credit goes to my Team and my seniors who trusted my ability and supported me.

Team Patiala please always try to Help Poor, Downtrodden & Genuinely Aggrieved persons because if we help them they give Blessings and True Blessings never go unheard on other hand Rich & influential some times think Might is Right and tries to get things done by Arm Twisting and sometimes by Threats also.

Always be Loyal to your Motherland & your department. Sometimes there may be Delays but Good Work Never Go Unrewarded.

So let Us Say as Always i Say

Bharat Mata de Jai

Mere Sohne Punjab de Jai

Punjab Police de Jai

Patiala Police de Jai

App Sabb de Jai

Make a Good Team with your new SSP & achieve new heights. Best of Best wishes to you all. I will be always available for any assistance.

Great Regards

Mandeep Singh Sidhu

SSP Patiala


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