Mata Gujri College organizes international webinar

Mata Gujri College organizes international webinar

Gurjit Singh/ Patiala

Mata Gujri College’s Department of Geography and Internal Quality Assurance Cell organized an international webinar on the topic Global Reflections on Contemporary Cities and the Future of Urban Life.

The Director-Principal Dr. Kashmir Singh in his inaugural address said that in the age of globalization, haphazard urban development has created environmental problems as well as social concerns. He said that a healthy living standard is a major challenge for the urban dwellers of third world countries.

Prof. Evan Turok, Director of the Human Research Council, Cape Town, and Honorary Professor, University of Glasgow, UK in his keynote address, said that the geographical location of a place has played a vital role in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic. The spread of the epidemic in the world’s metropolitans is due to the density of the population and the lack of basic amenities for the poor.

Prof. Havard Haarstad, Director, Center for Climate Change and Energy Development, University of Bergen, Norway, in a keynote address on lifestyle changes in the globalization process, said that developing cities under the Smart City Scheme has brought new possibilities for the rich and middle class. European countries are working together to mitigate the effects of climate change and new populist movements are emerging to demand a pollution prevention policy.

Prof. Emeritus Vijay Bhole, Osmania University, Hyderabad, in his inaugural address, said that migration from villages to cities is on the rise and the population below the poverty line are living in pitiable conditions. Even the cases of Covid 19 are more prevalent in cities than in villages and such webinars are need of the time to address the problems of urban life globally.

Prof. Aslam Mahmood from Jawaharlal Nehru University in his special address said that although cities account for a large portion of the national income of the country but Rising urban sprawl, pollution, and crime are constantly undermining urban plans and government schemes.

Lucas Barning, a lecturer at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, described the process of global urbanization and shared his views on urban infrastructure and the social outlook for the future.

Dr. Nironjon Islary from Mahatma Gandhi Academy for Human Development, Nagaland explored contemporary cities in the context of the indigenous population of northeastern India.

Mata Gujri College organizes international webinar

Dr. Shiva Prathap from Yogi Vemana University, Andhra Pradesh, spoke about the importance of geospatial technology for the sustainable development of cities.

Dr. Ajmal Khan from Ashoka University explored the challenges and opportunities for the working class in Indian cities.

Dr. Sardar Patil and Jackson Khumukcham discussed the efforts being made in the world to preserve the Indian tradition of eco-friendly lifestyle and green development.

Dr. Tufail Jarul presented a paper on the status and challenges of urbanization in Jammu and Kashmir.

Speaking on the safety and empowerment of women in Mumbai and Delhi, Jyotsna Bidave from Amethi University, Mumbai said that the Covid era has opened up new possibilities for working women from home.

Prof. Anupreet Singh Tiwana, Head of the Department of Geography and Convener of International Webinar said that the delegates from 17 countries have made it clear in the 5hour long discussion that the process of planned urbanization is the need of the time.

Dr. Kuldeep Kaur and Prof. Navdeep Kaur were instrumental in the success of this international webinar. Dr. Sourav Gupta thanked the scholars and delegates.

August, 13,2020

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