Offer placed by PSPCL to its consumer; pay advance bill; earn and enjoy

Offer placed by PSPCL to its consumer; pay advance bill; earn and enjoy

Kanwar Inder Singh/ Chandigarh

Punjab state power corporation limited has placed a golden offer of all categories of its consumers in Punjab. As per the offer placed by the power corporation to all the categories,” any consumer who will pay the one year electricity bill in advance, the consumer will get 1% per month on the advance payment”.

Power com officials said” in the recent days, the banks have reduced the interest rates on Fixed Deposits (about 6% per annum) as well as on savings amount (about 3.5%) and the interest is further subject to Income Tax.

So, in order to help the consumers to earn better rate of interest “ PSPCL offers its consumers of all the categories to make advance payment towards their electricity bills as much as they can. They can deposit the amount even in curfew/ lockdown by transferring the amount digitally. The consumers are requested to please log in the PSPCL website- and transfer the amount and earn an interest of 1% per month, which comes to almost 12% per annum which is double the rate of interest on fixed deposit and without any income tax liability.

The consumers who will deposit the advance payment of future bills, which shall be adjusted in the succeeding months. The department shall however continue to issue monthly/ bimonthly bills, which would indicate the amount adjusted and the balance amount of advance payment.The credit for the 1% per month of the interest on advance shall be given when the advance paid becomes zero or 31st March, whichever is earlier for such advance payment.

PSPCL authorities further appeals to all the categories of consumers to make optimal use of this attractive offer as PSPCL remains in the service 24X7 even under extreme conditions, days of summer, nights of winter, rains and ongoing curfew/ lockdown.


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