Punjabi student committed suicide in Canada; students started fundraiser

Punjabi student committed suicide in Canada; students started fundraiser

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As per available information Damandeep Kaur a 20 year old student who was studying in Montreal, Quebec, Canada , had tragically committed suicide, 2-3 days ago, in Canada. She had gone to Canada on study visa around two years back, to establish a better life for herself and her family.

As per information shared on a fundraiser portal gofundme page of Canada, ‘she succumbed to the burdens of a young student studying abroad, along with all the other pressures of being far away from her mother and father. She just turned 20 years old earlier this year and her loss has left the family devastated. Damandeep’s parents don’t have a visa to come to Canada and it’s especially hard obtaining one now due to Covid-19.”

They further shared that “we’re making this gofundme page to help the family and shed light on the burdens faced by many international students. We know life studying abroad without family and loved ones close by can be very difficult. But please reach out to someone if you ever need to talk, mental health is nothing to be embarrassed about. You can always call or text Crisis Services Canada (suicide prevention hotline) at 833-456-4566 or SMS 45645 for help.”

Punjabi student committed suicide in Canada; students started fundraiser

As per information the cost of sending her body to India, hospital mortuary bills and all expenses will come to 30,000 $ . The students, localities has started a fund raising campaign, to collect 30,000 $, Sahil Arora has organized this fundraiser on behalf of Arvinder Sandhu. They requested “now we need everyone’s help especially the international students to stand with us and other international students to help those in their community so that Damandeep’s parents can see their young daughter one last time. Please donate as much as you can even a single dollar matters a lot.”


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