Rajiv Gandhi owes the Credit for India’s Power in IT-Brahm

Rajiv Gandhi owes the Credit for India’s Power in IT-Brahm

Patiala- Punjab Health and Family Welfare Minister, Brahm Mahindra today stated that credit for revolutionizing India the world over in the sphere of computer and information technology goes to Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister. He said that it was his dream to take India to the Twenty-first Century as the most advanced and tech-savvy nation. But when the country direly needed his guidance, terrorism snatched him from us. However, his contribution as a champion of development will always be remembered by the grateful nation.

Brahm Mahindra was presiding over the function as the chief guest of the memorial lecture by the Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Committee on the occasion of the 27th death anniversary of late Prime Minister. On this occasion, Mahindra said that now when his death anniversary is being observed as anti-terrorism day today, we are facing a challenge from some forces trying to pull us towards their self-styled nationalism. ‘So we have to connect with an ideology that would lead us towards the unity, integrity, solidarity and the spirit of preserving the Constitution of our India.

Rajiv Gandhi owes the Credit for India’s Power in IT-Brahm

He said that Rajiv Gandhi wanted to save Punjab from the monstrous  terrorism which claimed thousands of lives, including those of the police personnel and officers, young and innocent people. He added that for this very purpose, he had compromised Rajiv-Longowal accord with  Akali Dal, which is also effective even today. Describing the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi as a murder of democracy, he said that even today democracy is being slaughtered and efforts are being made to stop the speech of a particular person in the name of  nationalism.

Meanwhile, Dr. Purshottam Aggarwal, Professor of Eminence from Jawaharlal Nehru University said that democracy is not just the game of the numbers; it is run by institutions, norms, and values. Referring to the present situation of Karnataka, he said that due to the strong organization like Supreme Court and the intellectuals and journalists who spoke their word, democracy could be saved.

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