University budget in limbo; financial crises may loom over Punjabi University

University budget in limbo; financial crises may loom over Punjabi University

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In the last leg of the fiscal year, Punjabi university authorities got in a catch 99 situation. As per the available information, the university has fixed the syndicate meeting on March 30, 2021, (Tuesday) to approve the next fiscal year budget and the required administrative authorities has resigned from the posts.

Moreover, the finance committee meeting, held on March 24,2021, also remained inconclusive. Finance committee passed the budget, before it is to be presented in the syndicate, for its final approval.

The teaching faculty of the university, holding additional administrative positions, had already tendered their resignations to the vice chancellor. Those who resigned, includes dean academic affairs of the university, who holds the number two position in the university, registrar, who holds the number three position in the university affairs along with other deans, additional deans, head of the departments.

With these mass resignation row-financial crises may loom over Punjabi University, as the registrar is the secretary of the syndicate and he has to present the budget, holds the proceedings, as per the procedure.  University can’t hold any syndicate meeting without the vice chancellor or the registrar, as vice chancellor is the chairperson of the syndicate.

As per the sources the vice chancellor has called the registrar, dean academic affairs on Friday, as their resignation were not yet accepted, but it remained inconclusive.

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In registrar’s absence, officiating registrar or the person appointed by the vice chancellor has to present the budget in the syndicate. Today being a weekend holiday in the university, due to Saturday, tomorrow is a Sunday and the university will remain closed due to holi festival on Monday and the meeting is scheduled for Tuesday (March 30,2021) and the post of registrar is still vacant and university has not appointed any officiating registrar.

“University budget in limbo; financial crises may loom over Punjabi University ,if the university fails to clear the budget in the syndicate meeting, before March 31, 2021, they will not to be able to do any expenses, financial transactions from April 1, 2021, till the budget is cleared in the syndicate. Moreover the university has to pass the finance committee proceedings, before the syndicate meeting. Either the present registrar may hold the proceedings, as his resignation is not been accepted by the vice chancellor or the VC may appoint any faculty member, deputy registrar, who fulfills the requirement of the posts, as officiating registrar to fulfill the official requirement, for the syndicate meeting. The upcoming syndicate meeting on March 30,2021 is called to clear the budget proceedings and is an important syndicate meeting” said an official on the condition of anonymity.

As per unconfirmed news, university vice chancellor is going to appoint a faculty member as registrar, before the syndicate meeting, as she is scrutinizing the seniority list of the teaching faculty.  When contacted the vice chancellor of the university Ravneet Kaur IAS, she didn’t respond to the repeated calls and what’s app message.

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