University College Ghanaur organised Faculty Development Webinar on Mental Health

University College Ghanaur organised Faculty Development Webinar on Mental Health

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University College Ghanaur under the benign guidance and vision of Director Constituent Colleges Punjabi University Patiala Dr.Trishanjit Kaur and initiative of Dr. Naina Sharma (Incharge University College Ghanaur) today began a series of Faculty Development Program webinars for the wholistic development and progress of the faculty in these unprecedented conditions of Covid-19 third wave.

The webinar was attended by the faculty of all the 13 constituent colleges of Punjabi University Patiala along with their principals and incharges. The series of webinars is begun by University college ghanaur on the topic : UNDERSTANDING STRESS PROCESS : MOVING FROM LANGUISHING TO FLOURSIHING IN LIFE; and the sessions were conducted by Assistant Professor in Psychology Prof. Amandeep Gill collaboratively with Prof. Pushpinder Singh (Computer science department).

The resource person for today’s webinar was Prof.S.N.Ghosh (HOD Psychology department Himachal Pradesh University) who is an expertise in the area of Health Psychology and psychosomatic disorders.The program was started with the blessings of the almighty by playing College shabad sung by Prof.Arshpreeet Singh (Gurmat sangeet department) and then Dr.Naina sharma gave us the overview of the aim and objective of this webinar with special focus on the topic of the day i.e.understanding the process of stress and further gave us the need and necessity of the urgency of such webinars/seminars in the present times of corona-crisis.

University College Ghanaur organised Faculty Development Webinar on Mental Health

Then Dr. Trishanjit Kaur gave her blessings and permission to begin the sessions and extended her formal welcome note towards the resource person. Dr. Ghosh gave an engaging and very informative lecture on the process of stress ,with its appraisal (primary and secondary) HTC model,biological and behavioral response and coping mechanisms with special emphasis on empirical studies ,research and findings.

University College Ghanaur organised Faculty Development Webinar on Mental Health .He emphasised on the persons belief system and the health repercussions of stress, those who feels and believes in the ill-affects of stress are more likely to develop cardio-vascular diseases and hence severe health conditions whereas those who believe in the resilience and tough-mindedness are more likely to overcome even the severe life stressors like death of loved one,separation etc.Dr.Ghosh also told us about the importance of social support system and community services and having warm and healthy friendships and relationships,as they act as buffer against the stressful life conditions.

He emphasised that more you try to suppress something,it surfaces more,so its best to accept and share your condition in any situation.He quoted many empirical and recent studies in the field of Stress and its emotional responsiveness.He gave an detailed views about problem focussed coping and emotion focussed coping and concluded the lecture with having healthy community services and relationships and live fully and happily.

Then the session was open for discussion and answering questions and queries.Many faculty  members asked interesting and indulging queries regarding stress and effective handling in different life situations.Then Dr.Rakesh Jindal Principal University college Barnala was asked to extend his formal vote of thanks and comprehensive feedback and concluding remarks were given by Dr.Naina Sharma and once again Prof.Amandeep thanked all the faculty members for attending and participating in the webinar.

January 16,2022

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