War of word between PSPCL management-engineer on shortage of material

War of word between PSPCL management-engineer on shortage of material

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War of word between PSPCL management-engineer on shortage of material has begun. Today once again the engineers association has shoot off a letter to the CMD Punjab state power corporation limited, in response to Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) recent press statements, wherein it has been stated that there is no shortage of material like transformers, cables and poles etc. and PSPCL has “authorised field officers for spot purchase” for the same.

Contradicting the PSPCL management’s statements issued in the press, “that there is as such no shortage of material which may impede the availability of power and its distribution among various categories of consumers. Distribution transformers, poles &conductor (ACSR) etc. are available in sufficient quantities in stock to meet with the requirement in the summers, during paddy season and as such additional quantities of cables, PVC and transformers have been ordered to be purchased so as to ensure that sufficient and optimum stock of these materials is available in the stores,” the engineers pointed out that the statement are not only factually incorrect but also are contradictory.

The engineers said, “ the PSPCL Purchase regulations clearly define the powers regarding spot purchase, wherein it has been specified that spot purchase has to be undertaken only in extreme emergent conditions. It is regretted to point out that the process which was to be initiated only in an emergency is now being normalised by the management clearly indicates that there is serious shortage of material and as such management is resorting to emergency procurement.’

President of PSEBEA highlighted that “PSPCL is primarily a technical company and requires specialised material to fulfill its core obligation to provide quality and reliable power in Punjab. All the major requirements are of the tailor made material which is highly technical in nature. Such material is typically not available off the shelf in the market. Association wants to bring to your kind notice that PSPCL already has a time tested and robust policy of centralised material procurement through specialized organisations and this shift in procurement policy, by forcing field officers for routine material procurement through spot purchase is not a healthy sign.”


War of word between PSPCL management-engineer on shortage of material -Photo courtesy-Internet

General secretary of the association pointed out that “ it is doubtful that the materials, except for maybe for a few simple items, will be readily available in the market for spot purchase as these materials are usually manufactured on order and as per specifications of PSPCL. Further association is of the firm view that management attempts to procure such material through spot purchase will lead to panic procurement and it will be very difficult for field officers who are already overloaded with the works related to operation and distribution of electricity, with the limitation of extreme staff shortage. Under such conditions, it will be impossible to procure quality material as per PSPCL technical specification by distribution engineers, and in absence of quality testing which otherwise is ensured in routine procurement, it is anticipated that below specification material may be dumped by vendors on PSPCL during the spot purchase. For example, routine testing of a transformer requires a minimum 16 hrs of testing, whereas the same will not be possible for spot purchase. This below par material will lead to further serious technical problems in the PSPCL distribution system. Moreover, price variation during spot purchase by different field officers will lead to audit paras and subsequent disciplinary actions against field officers.”

The association also pinpointed that “it appears that management has failed in timely decision making for ensuring sufficient procurement of material and is now resorting to stopgap and untested arrangements, which in the long run will only harm the power infrastructure.  There are incidents where construction and deloading of overloaded and new substations have been stalled due to management indecisions.”

They requested that “in view of the above, Association demands that PSPCL management should come out of this slumber and take immediate necessary steps to procure material through the time tested centralised procurement procedure especially for all the listed items which are highly technical in nature.”

When contacted the Director Commercial of PSPCL Er Gopal Sharma, he didn’t pick up the phone and not responded to what’sapp message.

War of word between PSPCL management-engineer on shortage of material:-

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June 10,2021

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