Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery clinic launched at Columbia Asia Patiala

Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery clinic launched at Columbia Asia  Patiala

Jasbir Kapoor/ Patiala

Columbia Asia Hospital. Patiala launches plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery clinic. Dr. Dinkar Sood and Dr. Bhupinder Singla Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala told that reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is becoming very popular and in demand these days.

There are various reasons for that like increase of road traffic accidents and trauma due to which many a times facial and other looks get destroyed or sometimes facial deformities by birth like undeveloped ears, nose and lips are the reasons for increasing demand of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery clinic launched at Columbia Asia Patiala

Dr. Dinkar& Dr. Bhupinder also told arising desire for young and beautiful looks among females also one of the major reason for increasing demand in cosmetic surgery. They told reconstructive and cosmetic surgery also helps to bring back confidence among accident victims and help them to face the society with more confidence. Columbia Asia Hospitals cosmetic surgery department will offer Tattoo Removal, Hair Transplant, Ear/Lip reconstruction surgery, micro vascular surgery, maxillofacial surgery, nose surgery, fat removal, female breast size augmentation/reduction surgery, and revirgination surgery and hair removal through laser procedures and patients need not to travel to larger cities for these procedures anymore.

On this occasion Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala have organized a free screening camp from 22nd to 27th April. Fee Registration and consultation with cosmetic surgeon will be offered for camp patients. Additionally 25% discount is offered on all laboratory and radiology tests for camp patients. Main purpose of this camp is to create awareness among people about availability of latest reconstructive and cosmetic surgery services at Patiala.

On this occasion General manger of Columbia Asia Gurkirat Singh and Chief of Medical Services Dr. Simica were also present. Gurkirat told that Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala is in the service of people since past 10 years and is committed to bring and offer new services time to time for people of Patiala.


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